Lancaster Escape Rooms

We have three different escape rooms for you to try. Book your session now using the links below. Difficulty measured out of 5*

Framed: Lancaster Escape Room


You've been framed for the murder of a police officer and have been taken into the station. You've not got long until the real suspect can destroy all evidence linking themselves to the crime. Can you find the clues to escape, whilst also locating the evidence to work out who the real villain is? Perfect for smaller groups and couples. 

Difficulty 4*

Book Framed: Lancaster Escape Room

Escape The Noose: Lancaster Escape Room

Escape The Noose

The year is 1612, and you have been arrested and tried for being a witch...and found guilty! You have one hour until you meet your fate; the hangman's noose. However, before you the Pendle witches have left you clues and puzzles to help you escape. Can you find your way out before it's too late?

Difficulty 5*

Book Escape The Noose: Lancaster Escape Room

Fun At The Fair: Lancaster Escape Room

Fun At The Fair?

A new fair is in town, but amongst the hook-a-duck and fortune tellers there is something strange going on. People have been disappearing, and you've stepped into the big top at the wrong time. Can you get out of the tent before you meet the same fate as those who have gone before......? Much better for larger groups, can be quite difficult to tackle as a two or three - marked as 4* for smaller groups.

This room can also be amended for younger children and age related clues put in for ages 8-12

Difficulty 3* - please note sensible footwear must be worn due to terrain.

Book Fun At The Fair: Lancaster Escape Room


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